Moments In Time

Athena Digital Media Photo Gallery

  1. Thai Dancers

    Thai Dancers performing in front of a Buddhist Shrine

  2. Canal Watergate

    On the Bang Bua Thong Khlong (Canal)

  3. Chao Phraya Barge Hook

    Huge brass hook on a Chao Phraya Barge. Reminds me of my mum's net curtain hooks

  4. Tugs on the Chao Phraya pulling a huge barge train

    There are actually 4 tugs, there is a small one out of view at position 3

  5. Chao Phraya Cross River Ferry

    There are many of these ferries along the river, this one is from Wang Lang Pier (next to Siriraj Hospital) across to Tha Maharaj…

  6. Asian Magpie Robin

    A regular early morning visitor to a tree at the front of the house.

  7. Sanam Chandra Royal Palace Chicken

    These chickens are in abundance all over the grounds of Sanam Chandra Royal Palace in Nakhon Pathom, sharing the grounds and trees…

  8. Marigold Garlands adorn a Thai Spirit House

    The spirit house is normally in the form of a miniature house or temple, and is mounted on a pillar or on a dais and can be found…

  9. Jalimangalasana Residence front view

    Jalimangalasana Residence at Sanam Chandra Royal Palace, Nakhon Pathom The statue is of Jarlet, beloved dog of King Vajiravudh son…

  10. Marirajrattaballang Residence

    Marirajrattaballang Residence is in the grounds of Sanam Chandra Royal Palace, Nakhon Pathom

  11. Marirajrattaballang Residence

    Marirajrattaballang Residence and part of the bridge to the rear of the Jalimangalasana Residence at Sanam Chandra Royal Palace, N…

  12. Bridge to the Jalimangalasana Residence

    Bridge to the rear of the Jalimangalasana Residence at Sanam Chandra Royal Palace, Nakhon Pathom

  13. The Art and Cultural Building, Nakon Pathom

    Art and Cultural Building in Commemoration of H.M. King Rama IX's 6th Cycle in Nakon Pathom

  14. Dab Khwan Residence

    A Teak residence within the Sanam Chandra Royal Palace grounds in Nakon Pathom

  15. Wat Bot Bon

    Lovely temple on the Om Non Canal (Taken with iPhone 6)

  16. Buddha Statue at Sunset

    53 foot high Buddha statue at Phutthamonthon Buddhist Park at sunset. (Taken with iPhone 6)

  17. MR Sukhumd Paribatra

    Sukhumd Paribatra Governor of Bangkok takes part in prayers in Chinatown at Chinese New Year 2012

  18. 3 headed elephant at Erawan Museum

    This 3 headed elephant at the top the dome at the Erawan Museum. It is huge!

  19. A Kinaree at the Erawan Museum

    One of many Kinaree type statues in the grounds of the Erawan Museum

  20. The Staircase and Dome at the Erawan Museum

    Magnificent Staircase and a stained glass dome roof, one of the levels of the Erawan Museum.

  21. A Mynah Bird (very noisy one) strutting his stuff

    Noisy and seemingly cheeky Mynah Bird on the rooftop as the sun was coming up. This was taken at a friend's rented holiday villa,…

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